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Masters of Special Education with Academic Instruction Certification

Planning and Instruction Module


Leslie, a mentor teacher, collaboratively plans a lesson with Dana, her student teacher.

James, a mentor teacher, conducts a Post-Observation Conference.

PowerPoint Presentation for Planning and Instruction

Resources for Mentor Teachers

Jill, a mentor teacher, explains the importance of narrowing the focus during the Pre-Observation Conference.


Observation of Teaching Guide (completed by Student Teacher)


Planning for Instruction: Some Questions to Prompt Student Teacher Thinking

2.3 a.

Data Collection Tool: Teacher Verbal Interaction Data Collection Tool

2.3 b.

Data Collection Tool: Mapping Teacher/Student Verbal Interactions

2.3 c.

Data Collection Tool: Student Engagement

2.3 d.

Data Collection Tool: Lesson Scripting

2.4 a.

References and Additional Resources

2.4 b.

Website Resources


Members of the Mentor Training and Development Team

Survey for Module #2 - Planning and Instruction

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Pre-Observation Conference

Collaborative Planning

Post-Observation Conference