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Masters of Special Education with Academic Instruction Certification

MOSAIC offers up-and-coming teachers the opportunity to become highly qualified in the areas of secondary special education, and a secondary content area.   

A Look at MOSAIC

You will be highly competitive on the job market and well prepared to meet the education needs of a diverse population of learners.

Both legislative requirements included in No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the adoption of Common Core Standards reflect the fact that academic expectations for students with disabilities continue to increase.  Therefore, teachers of secondary level students need to possess understanding of both academic content and effective strategies to enhance the learning of students with disabilities.

The MOSAIC program will ensure that graduates are well prepared to fill this critical need in schools.  Graduates will be highly competitive on the job market as they will be able to serve as both general and special educators.  In either role, graduates will be able to improve academic outcomes for a diverse population of students with and without disabilities.

Why should you consider MOSAIC?

Currently the MOSAIC program is one of the few programs within Pennsylvania that leads to secondary-dual certification and a Master’s degree within one year.

Additionally, the intense field experiences that are supported by general and special education experts, courses taught by highly regarded faculty, and an integration of evidence-based practices throughout coursework will prepare graduates to enter secondary classrooms well prepared to make a difference in the lives of adolescents.

What makes MOSAIC unique?

“Dare To Teach. Never Cease to Learn.” - J.c. Dana

Earn a Masters Degree in Special Education & Two Secondary Teaching Certificates

Special Education (grades 7-12)

Gain teaching experience in

both fields



Social Studies


Foreign Language

(grades 7-12)

Be prepared and qualified to fill the teaching positions schools most need